In July 2011 CNCG Sprl, entered into a joint venture with Pangimines Sprl to acquire a 90% interest in 4 exploration licences and related concession areas in the Maniema Province of the DRC.

The Congo Natural Capital Group Sprl is an independent, regionall gold mining company with looking to capitalize on a diverse, high-quality portfolio of operations, projects and exploration activities across the African continent.

While gold is our principal product, we also produce silver (South Africa) and sulphuric acid (Namibia) as by-products. In Mozambique, one of the two projects underway, Kabila, will produce both gold and copper.


Gold is a naturally occurring metal, coveted throughout history as a symbol of beauty, store of wealth and an enduring form of currency.

Gold has many unique qualities – it is exceptionally malleable and ductile, conductive and does not corrode or tarnish. Gold also combines well with other metals to form an alloy. Its versatility makes it ideal for use in many industrial applications, and increasingly, its application as a nanomaterial is being used to create new solutions for a number of health and environmental challenges.

The Team

The CNCG Sprl Team is an expression of experience and operational excellence. Furthermore board is guided by its commitment to ensuring that sound governance principles and practices are embedded at all levels and that the Company is a responsible corporate citizen.

Our Philosophy

To create value for our stakeholders and social partners by safely and responsibly exploring, mining and marketing our products. Our primary focus is gold, but we will pursue value creating opportunities in other minerals where we can leverage our existing assets, skills and experience to enhance the delivery of value.


The overall aim of CNCG Sprl’s strategy is to generate sustainable cash flow and returns over the longer term. Sustainability and ESG principles are embedded in our business activities both as a driver for long-term value creation and as a pillar of our social licence to operate.

Kindu DRC area impressions

Proven reserves of +0,5M ounces

Indicated reserves of +1M ounces

Inferred reserves of +1M ounces